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Is Exotic Car Rental Business Profitable – Food For Thought


If you are looking at ways and means by which you would like to increase your income it might not be a bad idea to look into the option of starting one’s own exotic car rental business. There is a continuous demand for such services and therefore it would not be a bad idea to start this business on a small scale and then move up the ladder. However, before doing so, if is important to find out whether this business is profitable or not. Out of the many hundreds who start their own luxury car hiring business, only a very few become successful and make money out of it. This is not because there is no money to be made in this business, but is about understanding the same and putting it in practice. On a rough estimate it is likely that the margin of profits could be anything in the range of 80 to 100% and could depend on the place from which the cars are sourced.


The Future Market Outlook


It would be pertinent to mention here that the future outlook of exotic and luxury car rental business is quite encouraging to say the least. This is because of various reasons. The number of people who belong to the upper middle class have been increasing quite significantly. They are upwardly mobile and they would like to enjoy the good things in life even it means spending money on hiring of luxury cars and other such devices and accessories. They use these luxury cars for various purposes ranging from wedding to holiday outings and also for stag parties, bachelor parties just to name a few. Many corporate houses also spend millions of dollars on hiring of exotic and luxury cars to transport important guests and officials of their companies. Hence there is no doubt that in spite of downturn in economy and other such negative things happening, the growth continues to be quite good to say the least.


How To Get Started


While the market is there for tapping, you should know how to get started. You must start with leased cars because it may not be feasible or even advisable for you to spend millions of dollars in buying these luxury cars. You must start on a small scale and try to have a few dozen customers within the first one or two years. You must also try and include some corporate customers in your list because it will add stability to your business.


There also is the need to offer a wide variety of exotic cars on hire so that you are able to cater to wide variety of customers. You must try and be price competitive so that you are able to garner as much market share as possible within your neighborhood.